You Can Always Tap II

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As beautiful as she is, many guys can’t look directly at Jolene Hexx while she tramples them, out of fear she’ll just trample them harder. From the beginning, Jolene lets you know that she is going to hurt you with her feet. She lets you know what a little foot bitch boy you are, then proceeds to show you why.

She begins trampling you by stomping on your stomach and chest as hard as she can to loosen you up, then leaping in the air only to land on you with all her weight.

Jolene could care less about the damage she is causing, and mocks you for being so weak. She makes you lick, suck, and gag on her perfect size 9 feet, then resumes trampling you.Non-stop stomping, trampling, and jumping up and down on you leave you sore for weeks, making you think about Jolene everytime you take a deep breath.

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