We’re Just Friends – 4K

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MJ The Dominator and Kris have been friends for years. After MMA training, the 2 are at MJ’s house stretching, when Kris starts to touch her inappropriately. MJ is quick to call him out on it, and when Kris shrugs it off, MJ decides she needs to get her point across another way.

Mj stands Kris up and unleashes a barrage of punches to his face and body. As Kris found out, MJ hits like a dude, and before long, he is seeing stars. Mj continues to batter him, adding kicks and knees into the mix.When Kris falls to the ground, MJ is on him. She stomps and soccer kicks him until his ribs are bruised, then tramples him to seal in the pain. By now, Kris is scared of being knocked out by Mj, and takes his beating willingly to try and avoid being put to rest. A perfectly violent beatdown by our newest badass, MJ The Dominator.

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