Water Delivery Girl Trample

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Rapture’s on her last water delivery of the day. Usually her customers are polite, but today she comes across a rude one. He totally dismisses her as she makes her delivery, which makes Rapture angry. Standing 5′ 10″ with 190 pounds of solid muscle, Rapture begins to trample his body and face with her Nikes. She makes sure to put all of her weight on him so he suffers. After some good trampling, the rude client still hasn’t learned his lesson, so Rapture kicks it up a notch. She grabs both water jugs, each weighing 40 pounds, and resumes trampling him. With a total weight of 280 pounds, Rapture completely crushes his insides. As the vessels in his eyes begin to pop and bulge out of his face, Rapture shows no mercy. You can hear audible cracks from his body, as Rapture teaches this jerk to have some manners.

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