Trampling with Stilettos – Goddess Rapture

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As Kris gazes up, he sees a 6’4″ Goddess Rapture standing above him. For the past few months, Rapture has made a point of trampling him in various shoes, trying to leave as many marks and scars as she can.Today, she has on her classic stripper heels and Wonder Women socks. She steps onto his stomach with all 190 pounds of her, and the pain is instant. Kris struggles to take it as Rapture tramples his body and face. She sinks her heels as deep into his flesh as she can, and doesn’t stop until the skin is broken. That part of her task complete, Rapture takes her heels off and tramples him in her socks. She tries to break and crush every part of his body she stands on, and based off the sounds of pain he was making, she did just that.

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