Trampling with Kortney and Lana

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In their past trampling videos, Kortney Olson had always been  scared to trample Kris with all her weight. Today she has changed her mind and brought along her friend Lana Luxor.

 Lana isn’t shy at all and immediately starts trampling Kris with some vicious head and stomach tramples and stomps. When he turns his head to the side to make her head stomps more bearable, she yells at him and makes him look straight up. 

Her and Kortney especially, crush Kris under their feet. Kortney stands full weight on his face and diaphragm, making it impossible for him to breathe. The two laugh at his pain as they start to caress each other’s bodies. They sink their feet deeply into him and begin to make out. He’s forced to take the pain and struggle for breath until they decide to get off him and take their makeout session to the bedroom.

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