Trample Testing His Core – 4K

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After a long night out at the bar, Rapture and Megan Jones come home to find their roommate doing crunches. He has the audacity to tell them they should join him, so their cores can be as strong as his. Not impressed, they decide to see how strong his core really is. Rapture and Megan take turns trampling his stomach and face, before trampling him at the same time. With Rapture at 185 pounds and Megan at 170, he struggles to breathe as he’s crushed underneath them. Rapture enjoys standing on his face, and spends a good amount of time there while Megan works on his stomach. Towards the end, Megan wants to kick it up a bit, and gives him a round of butt drops. This was the ultimate experience a trample fan could ask for.

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