Trample Forcefield Fail – 4K

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Rapture’s trample slave is quite gullible. When he saw a bodysuit that promised to lessen the pain from being trampled in heels, he quickly spent the $400 for it. As Rapture lays him down on the floor, he is confident that the sharp 6” heels she’s wearing won’t puncture his skin. Rapture steps up onto his stomach with all her weight, digging her heels into the suit, and he soon realizes the trample suit does not work. Rapture’s heels dig deep into his stomach and chest, and he groans in against everytime she moves.

Rapture then swaps the heels for a pair of knee high boots. Trampling his stomach and chest in them, her slave continues to show signs of pure agony. After leaving his body riddled with heel marks, Rapture smirks at him and suggests he go get a refund.

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