Tied Up and Trampled

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Rapture’s trample slave has the bad habit of squirming around when being trampled by her. SHe’s tired of it, so for today’s session, she ties his legs down flat, and his arms to his side. Fresh from the gym, she begins to trample his body with her 185 pound muscular frame. She places all of her weight on his stomach, chest, and face, ignoring him as the air leaves his body. Halfway thru, Rapture removes her sneakers and continues to trample him with her sweaty white socks. She shows no mercy as she makes sure to crush each part of his body. As a reward for being so still, Rapture allows him to smell her socks as she’s standing on his face. She also stomps his stomach over and over.  After nearly 20 minutes of trampling, her slave’s face and body is crushed and flattened to her liking.

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