Tied Up and Beaten – Goddess Rapture

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It’s been awhile since Goddess Rapture has gotten to beat somebody up. She’s excited for today and has tied her slave’s arms and legs to the bottom of the futon. He is seated on the floor in front of her and completely unable to defend himself.

Rapture goes hard from the first hit. She starts by punching and kicking his face and body. Her thick boots cause damage every time she kicks him in the ribs and stomach. The more she hurts him, the more aggressive Rapture gets.

Rapture steps up the beating. She kicks and stomps his balls, stands full weight in his cock, knees him hard in the rib cage, and spits on his battered face. All that is followed by him being choked with her feet, then being smothered with her ass while she continues to hit him.In the end, Rapture leaves her slave battered and bruised, and is happy with her work.

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