This Is Gonna Hurt – Jolene Hexx

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Jolene Hexx is a master at trampling men. Whether wearing shoes, boots, or barefoot, she always knows how to cause the most pain and damage. For your past two trampling sessions, Jolene has shown you mercy, and done them barefoot.Today will be different though.

Wearing short denim shorts, her rodeo shirt, and her favorite cowboy boots, Jolene sits on the couch and tells you to crawl over to her. As you reach her boots, she tells you to lie on your stomach, and look at the boots that are about to hurt you. She makes you lick the sides and bottoms of them, then gas you with them as she shoves them in your mouth.

Now ready to hurt you, Jolene tells you to lay on your back. She gives you fair warning that “this is going to hurt,”, then proceeds to live up to her warning. Jolene tramples, jumps, and stomps on your body and face.

She makes sure to use her hard heels as much as possible; even angling her feet up so all the weight is on the heel, as she tries to tear your chest cavity. Once she tires of you, she brings the session to an abrupt end, by stomping your face so hard you go out.

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