The Tazer Beatdown – 4K

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Lilly Ice told Kris to hit her with the tazer. Kris asked twice if she was for real. Lilly said yes. Kris should have known better…

Now he finds himself with his hands bound, in front of an ANGRY Lilly Ice. His face is pissing her off, so that’s what she sets out to destroy. Lilly starts off with full strength knees and soccer kicks to the face and body.Not surprisingly, Kris is soon and the floor and seeing stars. But she doesn’t stop there. Brutal face stomps, more kicks to the face, and some vicious ground & pound cause his face to begin to swell. He manages to bite down on his mouth piece for most of the beating, which helps his jaw from coming unhinged, but Lilly catches him with a surprise knee. That one loosens his jaw on the left side and almost knocks him out. Lesson of the day? Don’t taze Lilly Ice.

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