The Session – The Stomp Part I – Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture slave has paid her another $1500 for a hard trampling session. He’s asked for face sitting, foot worship, and stomping too and Rapture is more than happy to give him what he thinks he wants.

With the camera rolling and her slave’s hands tied so he can’t resist, Rapture begins. She steps onto his stomach and delivers 3 brutal stomps to the face, followed by some throat standing and face sitting.

After making him struggle for air, Rapture stands up and delivers a vicious stomp that fractures her slave’s rib. He screams in pain and tries to curl up in a ball, but is restrained and cannot. Rapture tires of hearing him and sits on his face. She doesn’t allow him any air until he struggles frantically.

Rapture then decides to double down on his pain. She stomps and tramples his body and face, laughing at him in the process. Rapture stands on his face, then makes him clean the bottom of her dirty sneakers before gagging him with them.

Rapture then removes her sneakers and repeats the whole process again in her sweaty socks. More trampling, stomping, face sitting, and sock smelling leave her slave concussed, breathless, and in pain

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