The Mummy Beatdown – Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture doesn’t need any help beating up men, but today she has something special in mind. Wearing a sexy jean thong, knee high socks, knee pads, and Ugg boots, she tells her slave he is not allowed to wear a mouthpiece, then mummifies him from neck to ankle in tight saran wrap. She puts her slave on his back, and he is 100% unable to move, let alone defend himself from what’s about to come.

Rapture starts off with some vicious hard stomps to his body and face. Her slave naturally tries to curl up and defend, but can’t. She rolls him onto his side and soccer kicks his stomach over and over as hard as she can.

When she’s not breaking him with her feet, she uses a lethal assortment of butt drops, face slapping, punches, and knees to the face and body to make him beg for mercy. She face sits and smothers him, then beats him more until she’s satisfied with his begging.

Rapture finally obliges. She kicks him so he’s laying on his stomach, then spits on the floor. Rapture uses her feet to push his face down into the spit, making sure he licks up each bit. Once she runs out of spit, she sits on his back, puts her feet under hsi face, and makes him worship them while telling her he’s her bitch.

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