Taking Orders From Under Her Ass

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Sgt. Rapture’s new recruit is having trouble taking orders from a woman. She has him handcuffed and brought to the punishment stockade, where he is lain prone on the punishment box. Rapture is going to teach him how to submit to a woman. With her ass. She sits on his face with all her weight, his head crushing beneath her as he struggles for air. Both forward and reverse sitting are in order, as Rapture begins to break his spirit. To further humiliate him, Rapture pulls her thong to the side and smothers his nose and mouth with her bare asshole. She makes sure to fart on his face several times, sitting back down on it so he is forced to inhale her ass air. Rapture makes sure she doesn’t get up until he is struggling, only ending the punishment when she thinks he has learned his lesson.

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