Taking All Rapture’s Weight – 4K

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At 5’10 tall, and weighing a solid 185 pounds, Goddess Rapture is a large piece of white girl. Her trample slave has been annoying her, begging to be trampled, and Rapture decides to give him what he wants. With his hands bound Rapture lays him on the hardwood floor, and steps onto his stomach Her feet sink deep as his body struggles to hold her weight. Rapture doesn’t care how much pain she causes, which is shown as she tramples his face. Standing with both feet on his head, her slave must keep his jaws clenched in order for it not to break. His eyes begin to water as the oxygen supply is cut off, but Rapture is relentless. She continues to trample his body and face until her slave learns to be careful what he wishes for.

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