Take My Face Sitting or Get Trampled

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Goddess Rapture has Buck chained to the restraint box. Wearing a tiny slingshot bikini and denim top that allows her tits to pop out, she tells Buck they’re going to play a game. The rules are simple; Rapture is going to smother him with her ass and any time he taps, he will get punished with some full weight trampling.

Rapture begins with some reverse face sitting. Her tiny slingshot bikini ensures Buck’s nose is completely engulfed by her big ass. He tries to hold his breath for as long as he can, but quickly gives his first tap. Rapture reminds him that he must now be punished, and begins to trample him. She weighs almost 50 pounds more than he does, and Buck struggles to breathe under her weight.

Rapture continues the face sitting, using multiple positions to cut off his air. As promised, every time he taps, Rapture tramples his stomach and cock, After having her fill of fun, she leaves him there chained to the box while she goes to find another face to sit on.

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