Sweaty Feet and Armpits with Kortney Olson

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Kortney Olson has a fresh pair of Nikes she wore to the gym today. As usual, she has refrained from putting any deodorant on, and by the time she gets home, she is sweaty and ripe.

Kortney calls her slave over and makes him lick the dirt and gym off her sneakers. He must lick the bottoms, sides, and heel of both shoes before she allows him to take them off. Once off, he is made to remove her sweaty socks and begins cleaning the sweat off her feet with his tongue. Kortney makes sure he licks every part of her wide size 9 feet, and punishes him with nipple twisting anytime he makes a face because of the taste of her feet.

With her feet now clean, Kortney sits back and puts her hands behind her head. She tells her slave to look at her sweaty armpits, then makes him lick and worship both of them. By the time he is done, it doesn’t matter that she forgot to put on deodorant because he has licked all the stink away.

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