Stuck Between Rapture and A Hard Place

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His nose barely healed from Rapture breaking it during their last trampling video, Rapture’s trample slave is in for some more punishment. Back from a business meeting, and dressed in heels, nylons, and a skirt, Rapture comes home to find her slave laying on the floor. She begins to trample him with her heels, causing extreme pain as her 185 pounds of muscles digs deep into him. Rapture starts on his stomach, then moves up to his face, almost getting a heel in the eye by accident.

Taking her heels off, Rapture makes her slave worship and smell her sweaty nylons. The trampling continues, with Rapture jumping up & down on his body and face. With nothing but hard floor underneath him, Rapture’s slave gets to feel her true weight and mass crushing him.

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