Stomped, Trampled, and Pissed On By Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture loves how much power her perfect size 9 feet have over men. They pay her a lot of money to worship or be under them, and always come back for more. Today, she needs to use her feet for something else. Somebody beat up her step-sister and Rapture wants some get back.

Rapture comes to his home where he finds him relaxing on his wrestling mats. She lets him know he fucked up, and the guy laughs at her. Rapture responds immediately by trampling his stomach. She tells him she’s going to hurt him with her feet, stomping him out until he taps, and following each tap out with 60 seconds of non-stop face standing.

Rapture is relentless with her stomping. She makes sure her entire foot makes contact with wherever she’s stomping him. Stomach stomps are first, and Rapture uses her powerful legs to make him tap rather quickly. She laughs at his weakness, then stands on his face with her Converse on. Moving on, she alternates between stomping his stomach, cock, and face. With every tap and face standing that follows, her victim feels more pain.

After knocking him out while standing on his face, she tells him to kiss her feet. When he refuses she stomps his face out with a non-stop barrage of 35 stomps. He now has a concussion and can’t see straight, but Rapture has one more surprise for him. She tells him to open the mouth he uses to bad mouth people all the time, takes off her shorts, and pisses all over his body and face. He’s then told to lay on his stomach and lick the floor clean. When he refuses to do that, she stands on the back of his head and pushes his face down in it so he has no choice.

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