Smothered In My Lovers Cum

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Rapture’s boyfriend thinks she’s out getting lunch with the girls, but boy is he wrong. Standing 6’4″ in her sexy heels, she comes home to find him laying in bed. As Rapture gets on top of him and pins him down, she tells him where she’s been. Rapture was just with her lover and got fucked really good. Her lover came deep inside her pussy, and Rapture wants to rub it in to her boyfriend. Literally. She sits deep on his face as she tells him how her lover fucked her so good. Rapture forces him to smell her pussy which still is leaking cum from her lover’s cock. She makes her boyfriend open his mouth as she covers it with her bare pussy and asshole. Rapture rides his face just like she rode her lover’s cock, giving her boyfriend all the details as she does so. He is forced to tell Rapture how good her fucked pussy smells while she allows every last bit of leftover cum to drip in his mouth.

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