Size 9 Wides – Kortney Olson

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Kortney Olson has the most perfect size 9 feet. They are soft, wide, and smell heavenly. She tells her slave she’s going to give him a treat and allow him to worship them. He’s told he must do a good job, or she will punish him with her feet.

Kortney’s slave does his best to worship every part of her foot. He kisses, licks and smells them. He sucks on her toes one by one and licks in between each one of them, then gags himself on her feet. Kortney ignores him for the most part unless he finds her spot, in which case her body quivers ever so slightly.

In the end, although he’s done a good job, Kortney tells him he should’ve shaved beforehand. For this reason he must be punished. Kortney tells him to go stand in the corner, remove his pants, and wait for her.

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