Sheena’s Piñata II

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The sequel to the best selling beatdown clip of the year. As if it were possible, Kris encourages Sheena to beat him even harder than she did last time. Sheena is happy to oblige, and after piecing him up with some hard punches, she lifts him off his feet and slams him hard on the floor. Like white on rice, Sheena is right on top of him. She punches, stomps, and kicks his face into the ground. With her powerful build, Sheena is able to put him in any submission hold she wants, continuing to strike him as he taps. Punches to his balls leave him writhing in agony, as do the numerous slams and Judo throws Sheena dishes out. Absolute perfection, as the only way we could make this clip more brutal would be to give Sheena a baseball bat to use. Maybe next time…..

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