Sadistic Scissor Beatdown

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Poor Rapture. Hot as she is, every time she tries to get in a good workout, some creepy fan always bothers her. This time, as she’s stretching her muscular body before her training regimen, she is once again accosted by creepy fan, Kris. Not in the mood to hear the spewing from his mouth, she quickly takes matters into her own hands. We’ve shot a lot of scissor videos in the past with her, but this one is exceptionally brutal. with font, reverse, standing, scissors, and figure four locks, she completely destroys him. Over and over, she uses her massive, powerful thighs to destroy him. Throw in some heavy face sitting, and Kris is about done. After bringing him to the point of indisposed numerous times, she tires of his mouth and puts him out for good. So brutal, yet soooo sexy.

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