Rapture’s Foot Cucks – 4K

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Rapture’s best session client pays her a lot of money to worship her feet. His wife found out about it,and decides to confront the 2 during their next session. As Rapture is making the husband lick and smell her size 9 feet, the wife comes in, and shoves Rapture. Rapture quickly overpowers her, placing her in some tight scissors. She the sits on the wife’s stomach, and makes her smell and worship her feet. Rapture tells the husband he can save his wife at any time, but the husband is turned on, and allows Rapture to make his wife, her foot slave. After giving the husband 1 last chance to save his wife, Rapture stands up, and places her big foot on the wife’s throat. Rapture steps down, crushing her windpipe, until the wife is put out.


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