Rapture Stomps Him Out

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Rapture bought a fancy new pillow and was excited to try it out. She comes home ready for a nap, only to find out her lazy roommate is using it already. He dismisses Rapture’s anger about it, so she decides he needs to learn a brutal lesson. Since he likes the pillow so much, Rapture tells him to use it to try and absorb the beating she’s about to give him. She has him hold it over his face, and she begins to stomp on it as hard as she can. She hits him with full force knees to the body and head, before moving onto some ballbusting. Rapture punches and kicks him in the crotch, also grabbing and lifting him by it. Rapture continues stomping his face and body as hard as she can, leaving her roommate dazed and confused. She sits on his face while she punches his body, then drops elbows from his balls up to his head. Rapture makes him clean the bottom of her shoes before stomping him out one last time. Lesson learned.

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