Painful Foot Worship

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Rapture wore her brand new, sexy ass, cheetah print heels out last night. Now she wants them cleaned by her foot slave. She sits on a stool above him, and with his back against a wall, forces him to lick the bottoms of her shoes clean. Rapture wants it done properly, and any time her slave fucks up, she is quick to kick him hard in the stomach, or stomp and smash his cock & balls. She presses those huge size 9 shoes hard up against his face, her heel coming dangerously close to his eyes and throat, at times. The foot slave messes up plenty of times, giving us the treat of watching him receive lots of punishment, while he cleans Rapture’s filthy shoes. No spot is missed, as Rapture makes sure he cleans not only her shoe, but the tops of her feet and toes, as well.

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