Oops, I Broke Your Rib – 4K

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Irene Silver loves trampling men. She broke her last trample slave, and decides to replace him with Kris, Unlucky for Kris, the trampling session takes place on the hardwood floor, with Irene wearing her knee high Converse. Irene is an experienced trampler, and begins to work hi entire body over. She stands heavy on his stomach and face. When Kris flinches, she lets him know he will be punished with axe kicks to the body. It’s one of these kicks, that cracks his lower left rib. In obvious pain, Irene ignores him and keeps going. She stands for what seems like a painful eternity in his face, with him looking straight up. All this trampling is made worse by random butt drops, and hard knees digging into his body. Kris’s rib is still sore to this day.

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