Oops – I Broke Your Nose

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Rapture’s muscular body looks oh so sexy in her nylons and bikini top. She’s feeling super sadistic, and her trample slave is about to feel her wrath. Rapture tells him to lie still and begins to trample his body. She reaches up to the ceiling and pushes herself down as heavy as she can on him. Rapture then tramples his face. With both feet on it, she begins to jump on it as hard as she can. His nose breaks immediately and Rapture laughs at him. She continues the brutal trampling until he’s hurting all over.

Rapture goes to leave, but changes her mind. She wants to make sure that nose stays broken Rapture comes back and stomps and jumps on his nose, causing him to leak out everywhere. With his nose shattered, and it’s red liquid starting to drip down in his throat & choke him, now Rapture is done.

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