Nylon Face Sitting and Scissors

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Sexy Rapture spent all day shopping to find the perfect pair of sexy nylons. Excited to bring them home and try them on for her boyfriend, she wastes no time in changing and surprising him on the couch. Instead of the compliments she was expecting, this jerk tells her they’re ugly & make her look fat. Flabbergasted and enraged, she immediately unleashes her fury on the poor guy. Planting that beautifully sculpted ass on his face, she smothers him, with forward & reverse face sitting. She grinds his face raw with the nylons, fucking it harder and harder. Determined he enjoy every inch of the nylons, she moves to some crushing head scissors. Rapture shows no mercy, using her massive thighs to almost bring him to the point of KO. The onslaught continues as she kneels on his throat, crushing his neck and windpipe. Once her pathetic boyfriend is gasping for air, she plants her ass on his cock and demands he worship her size 9 nyloned feet. He is forced to lick, kiss, and smell them. Her lesson in destruction only comes to an end after he apologies over & over; letting her know what a true Muscular Goddess she is.

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