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Rapture’s client booked a 2pm face sitting session with her. After making him aware of the cost, Rapture is enraged when her session shows up $300 short. Since he was already there, she decides to give him the session,, but not the way he wanted it. Rapture starts off sitting on his face, her huge ass completely covering it. As he gets excited, Rapture informs him that he’s not going to be pleasured like he wants, but rather serve at the pleasure of his Mistress. Rapture takes off her bottoms and begins to ride his face like a cock. Her cheeks spread wide, she presses her warm asshole down on his nose and mouth. She grinds her pussy on his face, turning herself on in the process. Rapture has him stick his tongue out so she can ride that as well. Barely allowing him to breathe, Rapture rides his face until she cums all over it. She makes sure to have him clean her pussy with his tongue so it’s clean for her next session, then sends him on his way.

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