No Escape From Their Face Sitting

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For such a little guy, Buck often finds himself being completely dominated by women much bigger than he is. Kortney Olson and Goddess Rapture want to show off their face sitting techniques to each other, and volunteer Buck to serve as their seat. Both Muscle Goddesses are wearing tiny booty shorts and bikinis that show off their huge asses.

Kortney goes first and starts with some reverse face sitting. One of her ass cheeks is twice the size of Buck’s face, and she forgets how smothering they can be. She sits on his face while Rapture sits on his stomach, egging her on.

Rapture is up next and also starts with reverse. She hovers her big ass above Buck’s face, spreads her cheeks apart, and sits down on his face. The top of Buck’s head is the only part of him you see as Rapture’s ass engulfs the rest of it.

Kortney and Rapture take turns smothering him, using both forward and reverse face sitting, while the other sits or kneels on his stomach.Once they are done showing off to each other, they decide to go have lunch, leaving Buck on the bed with a now purple face.

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