No Breathing For You – 4K

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Muscle Goddess Rapture can easily overpower most men. Today, she has her slave tied up with his mouth duct taped shut. His only way of breathing is through his nose, and Rapture is about to make that hard to do. She starts off by smothering him with her huge ass. Her slave’s nose is pressed deep into her ass cheeks, cutting off his oxygen supply. As he starts to twitch underneath her, rapture switches it up. She uses her powerful hands to pinch his nostrils shut, smiling down at him while he struggles for air. Getting creative, Rapture uses her armpits, thighs, and tits to smother him. By now her slave is dizzy from the lack of oxygen, and Rapture takes off her boots and smothers him with her sweaty socks. There’s something scary about Rapture being able to control whether you breathe or not, and she enjoys every minute of it.

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