Muscle Goddess Throat Crush

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Goddess Rapture and her incredible body are on full display for this one. She decides on wearing a tight 1 piece that allows her dd boobs to pop out, a pair of leather nylons, and her sexy black heels.

Raptur’es slave has asked to feel the weight of her legs, and Rapture agrees while telling him to lay on his back. She then wedges his throat between the back of her calf and thigh, then sits down on it with her 187 pound body. She holds this position for nearly 3 minutes, as she slowly watches her slave’s eyes go blank.

She then has him turn his head to the side so it’s not in the way, as she kneels directly on his throat. Her slave isn’t sure whether the heavy pressure on his neck or the lack of oxygen is worse, and Rapture doesn’t care either way.

She continues to crush him, making sure she uses every part of her leg to do so. By the end, her slave can barely move his neck, and is sore for weeks to come.

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