Muscle Goddess Face Trample

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Muscle Goddess Rapture loves the powerful feeling she gets when trampling a man, causing him to be crushed under her weight. She has zero regard for how much pain it causes them. Today, she’s feeling particularly mean and heavy, and decides she’s going to only trample her slave’s head. Starting off wearing her favorite Converse, Rapture stands full weight on his face. Her big size 9 feet cover his face and neck. The pressure on his neck is almost too much, and he starts to gag for air.

Rapture shows no mercy, stomping and jumping on his face whenever he complains. As the shoes come off, her slave knows he’s about to be hurt more. Rapture lets him worship her sweaty feet for a second, before destroying him with them. Tied to the bed, he must allow Rapture to stand on his face & throat for as long as she wants to, now matter the cost to his well being.

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