Muscle Goddess Beatdown

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With her heels on, Muscle Goddess Rapture stands at 6’4″ tall. Wearing a tiny slingshot bikini with an even smaller denim top, Rapture has her slave seated on and tied to the couch. She checks to make sure he has his mouthpiece in, and starts the beating.

Rapture uses her powerful thighs to knee him in the stomach and chest repeatedly. She steps on and bounces up and down on his cock and balls. Hard face slaps are combined with kicks to the stomach and chest, along with Rapture digging her heel into him.

She butt drops on his stomach and cock, then makes him worship her feet as she digs her heels into his collarbone.Rapture remids him how much bigger she is while the beating continues. She makes sure to put the weight of her body between each hit so that her slave will remember this beating for weeks.

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