Muay Thai Mistress

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Pro MMA Fighter and all around badass Dez Desire hired a new Muay Thai coach to brush up on her skills. After having her hit the pads for a little bit, he starts talking down to Des. He says she punches like a girl and should maybe try another sport. Dez isn’t having it and tells him to trade the pads for a pair of gloves.

Ding. Ding. It os clear from the start that Dez is WAY better than her coach. She unleashes a UFC worthy beating on him. Hard punches & kicks to the head, leg, and body soon have his legs wobbly. Try as he may to hit her, Dez is just too good for him. As they start the 2nd round, her battered coach decides he wants to cheat and tries for a takedown. Bad move, as Dez gains the mount position. Her ground & pound game is even better than her standup, and she quickly as both of his arms tied up in her legs. Dez literally pounds his face into the floor, bouncing his head up and down with a nonstop barrage of punches and hammer strikes. She calls an end to the class, spitting in his eye, and hitting him one more time, before walking off.

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