Mortal Kombat Beatdown – Kortney Olson

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Kortney Olson loves beating men up. Most men don’t last a minute, so she especially loves when she gets to destroy Kris. Having given him numerous black eyes, a broken finger, and a badly broken rib we are excited to see the damage caused after this one.

Kortney is feeling lethal today and is wearing her sexy Mortal Kombat Executrix outfit. As Kris walks onto the mat, he sees the look in her eyes and her massive legs she is flexing and getting ready. He slips his mouthpiece in and presents himself to Kortney.

He’s expecting to get punched in the face, but Kortney surprises him by giving him several mule kicks. With the first few hits out of the way, Kortney unleashes her fury. She punches, kicks, knees, and stomps his face and body. Anytime he falls to the ground, she mounts him immediately and gives him some vicious ground and pound. He is unable to defend himself for most of the G&P as Kortney either has him in a schoolgirl pin or crucifix.

As the beating comes closer to it’s end, Kortney takes off her gloves. She mounts Kris and chokes him, pressing down with all her body weight onto his throat. When she sees he’s about to go out, she smacks the spit out of his mouth to wake him back up. After a few powerful scissorholds and more hitting, Kortney leaves him on the mat. After learning a concussion was the peak of her damage inflicted upon him, she vows to either break another one of his bones or him with a 3 piece and a soda.

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