Megan Jones Fucks Him Up

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Nobody gives a beating quite like Megan Jones ,and this clip is no exception. Kris thought he could handle her, but boy was he wrong. Megan goes from 0-100 real quick, dropping him to his knees in less than a minute, with strikes. She brutally stomps, tramples, and jumps on him with all her weight, knocking all the air out of him. Megan switches to butt drops, the second one badly hurting one of his floating ribs. Megan stands him up and ties his arms up in the rings ropes, while she punches him full force in the balls and stomach. She chokes him with scissors and hands, squeezing his throat until he almost gets knocked out. Throw in some soccer kicks, ball stomping, and knees to the body, and Kris is completely battered. lucky for him, she decides to put him out with a rear naked choke; dropping his limp body to the floor when he’s out.

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