Medieval Stretch and Trample – 4K

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While going through her phone, Rapture’s boyfriend discovered she is cheating on him. Angry at his invasion of privacy, Rapture decides he needs to learn lesson. She ties his feet to one end of the bed, then ties his hands as high above his head as possible, thus stretching him out fully. With his body being stretched like this, Rapture’s BF’s stomach is fully exposed and sucked in, ready to be trampled.

Rapture steps onto him with all her weight. She makes sure to crush his internal organs with her 185 pounds, while telling him all about how she got fucked. Her BF is barely able to breathe as Rapture puts all her weight on the balls of her feet, and into his stomach. He is not given a break, and must endure her painful trampling until she’s determined his lesson is learned.

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