Kortney Olson Murks Kris Bundle

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***This special bundle features 2 videos in 1***

It’s been a few months since Kortney Olson broke Kris’ rib during their last beatdown video. Kris has asked that Kortney not do full weight knee drops into his floating rib. She reluctantly agrees but lets him know if she can’t hurt him that way, she’ll have to make up for it somewhere else.

The vicious beatdown starts off with Kortney punching him as hard as she can. Each blow sounds like a gunshot and it doesn’t take long for her to drop Kris. No rest period is given and Kortney continues to beat the life out of him on the ground. She punches his face, elbows his neck and kidneys, knees him in the balls and crushes him with her weight.

Halfway through, Kris is still conscious, and Kortney steps it up. Every punch, kick, stomp, and knee are thrown with bad intention, and Kris eventually has to curl up in a fetal position for protection. Kortney laughs at his efforts, flattens him out on the ground and continues to deliver this brutal beating that tops all the others.

***The BONUS clip will play after the 1st one***

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