Knockout Trampling – Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture has put on some muscle and tells her slave he’s in for some knockout trampling. Wearing the tiniest of slingshot bikinis, Rapture’s big buff body is on display as she stands above her slave. She intends to hurt him bad, and steps up onto his stomach.

Her extra muscle is felt by her slave and he struggles to breathe under her heavy body. She reaches up and presses the ceiling, allowing her to crush him even more under her feet.

With his stomach and sternum smashed, Rapture begins to stomp him. She stomps his stomach and chest, before moving onto his face. Several hard face stomps have him dizzy and Rapture begins to trample his face. She stands full weight on his head and throat with no concern for his well being.

Goddess Rapture continues the trampling and stomping; focusing on his stomach, face, and cock. She shows no mercy and tries to make it so he can’t breathe. Wanting to inflict more damage, Rapture again stands on his face and throat with all his weight. This time, her big body is too much for him and he passes out. Rapture ignores him and he wakes up panicked and still under her feet. A few more jumps and stomps leave her slave as broken as she wanted him.

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