Just The Tip

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After waiting 2 hours for his food delivery to come, pervy Kris is finally happy when it arrives. Better yet, the hot delivery girl, Dez, is the one who’s delivering it. Kris pays for his goods and is confused as to why Dez is still standing around. After asking her if she needs anything else, she replies with “Just The Tip.” Kris, being the pervert that he is, misunderstands her and begins to pull his cock out to give her “just the tip.” This enrages Dez, and is the start to a brutal beatdown. Dez quickly drops him with a kick to the balls and proceeds to totally destroy him. She kicks, punches, and stomps on his stomach, face, and balls with no mercy. Strong as an ox, Dez picks him off the floor and rag dolls him onto the couch several times. The onslaught continues, as Dez demands an apology but does not receive one. After almost 15 minutes of taking a violent beating, he finally apologizes, and is left curled up in a ball on the floor.

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