Jolene Hexx Murks Everest

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Jolene Hexx delivers her most brutal beatdown, to date.

Everest likes beatdowns and is usually able to handle them, but Jolene is a different breed.

With a scary smile on her face, Jolene harnesses her inner Jorge Masvidal, and quickly drops Everest with a 3 piece and a soda. Apparently he thought he was safe on the floor, but quickly finds out when Jolene tries to break his ribs with her spear-like knees. It was at this very moment he knew he fucked up, and stands back up with fear in his eye.

Jolene responds by Sparta kicking him across the room, then drops him again with some shin to rib action. This time Everest falls on all four, where he is quickly greeted by a soccer kick that puts him on his back. Jolene can’t help but to smile as she stomps him. When he somehow finds the strength to stand back up, Jolene tries to break his rib with axe kicks She punches him in the face until he’s ko’d elbows his chest plate until it audibly cracks, then takes us to our first cut after stomping him out again.

Everest has no quit in him and after a brief reprieve, says he’s ready to go. Jolene starts right where she left off, and beats him even harder. She covers his mouth as he screams out in pain, making sure to hit him with the hand that’s free. This is all capped off with a vicious elbow that tears the tissue between his ribs, and actually has Jolene calling cut.

After a longer break, Jolene decides to show him mercy and finish him off with scissorholds. She squeezes him out numerous times, then forgets she’s just doing scissors, and begins to smash his face as she scissors him. We had to throw the towel in for Everest, which was probably a good move seeing as how he couldn’t get up from the floor for a good 20 minutes after finishing the scene.

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