How It Works – A Trampling Session

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Goddess Rapture is always getting questions inquiring what a session with her is like. She’s decided to make a video series showing exactly what a session with her entails, and the 1st fetish she chooses is trampling.

Rapture enters the room after changing into tight Victoria Secret briefs and no top. She collects her money and ask her slave how he likes his trampling. When he says hard and heavy, Rapture smiles. She immediately stands on his stomach with all her weight. She picks the softest spot and stays put, allowing her feet to sink deep into his stomach.

As her slave struggles to breathe, Rapture tells him how heavy she is. She moves on to trampling his throat, face, and cock; making sure to crush each spot she stands on. Her slave struggles to not tap out, resulting in him going to sleep as she’s standing on his face and throat. Rapture makes sure it’s an experience he’ll never forget and tells you to expect the same if you book a trampling session with her.

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