His Trampling Punishment – 4K

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Rapture caught her boyfriend looking at trampling videos online. Again! She’s deeply offended that he’d watch other girls doing what she knows she can do better. Her Bf’s punishment is swift and painful. Rapture binds his hands to his side, and lays him down on the floor. Wearing a pair of knee high boots, she steps up hard on him, and begins to trample his body and face. The heels of her boots dig into the BF, making him whimper in pain. Rapture tells him she’s going to make sure it hurts really bad, so he never watches porn again.

After taking her boots off, Rapture makes him smell her socks briefly, before jumping on his head. She stands full weigh on his face and throat, almost causing her slave to pass out numerous times. All 185 lbs of her muscular body easily crush her BF. Rapture only stops after he promises (fingers crossed) never to watch porn again.

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