Gymnast Trampling

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You might think that because Goddess Rapture stands at 5’10” tall and weighs in at a solid 185 pounds, she is limited in her mobility. Kris doubts her when Rapture tells him she used to be an accomplished gymnast, so Rapture decides to back up her words with action.

Wearing tight leggings, knee high white socks, and her old gymnastic slippers, Rapture walks right up to Kris and steps up onto his stomach. She allows all her weight to be focused on whatever spot she’s standing on, keeping a tight proper posture as she does so.

The trampling includes his stomach and face, and Rapture takes great joy in watching him suffer under her feet. She makes him lick and worship her gymnast shoes each time before she stands on his face. To top it off, Rapture does some of her old gymnastic poses as Kris is made to suffer underneath her feet.

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