FBB Face Sitting – 4K

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Having been a bodybuilder for many years, Muscle Goddess Rapture has developed a very thick, muscular frame. She’s chosen a pair of leggings to wear for today’s face sitting session, that allow just the slightest bit of air as her asshole and pussy are sat heavy on her slave’s face Rapture uses her massive frame to completely cover her slave’s face. She sits forwards, sideways, and reverse, making sure not to get off until he is struggling for air. Even without his hands bound, it would be unlikely that he would be able to push Rapture off of him. The heavier he sits, the deeper his head sinks into her ass and the mattress.Face sitting is one of Rapture’s favorite activities, and at the end of this clip, she is very happy, unlike her air deprived slave who’s still trying to catch his breath.

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