Face Sitting vs Head Sitting

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Goddess Rapture and Megan Jones have a contest to see whether face sitting or head sitting will make their slave suffer more and tap faster. Both are wearing tight 1 piece outfits that show off their large asses.With the slave laying flat on the futon, the contest begins.

Rapture is up first and starts off with some classic reverse face sitting. She props her feet under his head to create a tight fit between it and her ass. Rapture ass completely swallows his face, and before long he is made to tap.

Megan is up next with the first of her head sitting. She tells the slave to turn his head to the side and sits down on it. Megan allows all her weight to crush his neck and face, and the slave is again made to tap.

For another 5 rounds, Megan and Rapture take turns. They use various positions to sit on his face and head. Both girls are over 180 pounds, and the slave’s head and face struggle to support all their weight on it. After determining which one is better, they finish him off with some double face sitting. Rapture sits down on his face, automatically smothering him, and Megan sits on top of her. With over 390 pounds of ass on his face, we don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or jealous.

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