Face Sat and Ignored – 4K

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Rapture knows she is above all men, and delights in every chance she gets to humiliate them. When she finds her slave sitting in her new chair, she is not happy. She orders him to sit on the floor in front of the chair and rest his head on the chair cushion. Rapture proceeds to sit heavily on his face. Her huge ass makes it hard to breathe, but Rapture completely ignores him as he struggles underneath. Forward and reverse face siting begin to take its toll on her slave, as his oxygen levels get depleted. Trying to get comfortable, Rapture forward face sits her slave, pressing both her feet into the sides of his neck. She puts him out twice and doesn’t even notice, as she is still ignoring him. After making him promise to never sit in her chair again, Rapture finally releases him from under her ass.

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