Earning His Air

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Rapture’s slave thought he was in for a fun face sitting session. He was wrong. Rapture wants him to earn his air today, and in order for him to do so, he must worship her ass just right. With his mouth taped shut and his body tied down to the bed, there is nothing he can do to break free or tap. Rapture starts off by burying his nose deep in her ass for long periods of time. His body shakes as it’s deprived of air, but Rapture just smothers him longer. Halfway through, she explains the rules to earning his air. Rapture removes the tape from his mouth just long enough for him to kiss and worship her perfect ass, before re-taping it and smothering him again. Rapture is brutal with her ass. She grinds his face like a cock, butt drops it really hard, and twerks as he stares up at her. She makes him breathe in her asshole while also cutting off his air supply with it. Sadistic and heavy face sitting from Muscle Goddess Rapture.

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